Notice is hereby given to all members of the Scandinavian Association for Thoracic Surgery (SATS) that the 2019 General Assembly will be held on Sep 6, from 12.15-13.00 at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, Nils Ericsons plan 4, Stockholm, Sweden.


  1. Opening

  2. Election of chairperson for the general assembly

  3. Report from the secretary general including activities and finances

  4. Report from the Copenhagen meeting 2018

  5. SATS meeting 2020 in Bergen

  6. 2020 membership fee

  7. Proposal from the board of a new constitution

  8. Proposal from the board of temporal regulations until the new constitution is set

  9. Election of an auditor of SATS finances

  10. Other issues

  11. Closing

Gothenburg Aug 1st, 2019

Anders Jeppsson
Acting Secretary General