Apply for membership

Candidates for active membership of the association simply apply in writing to us at The Secretary General decides if the application is acceptable.

Membership fee

The membership fee is set by the general assembly. Members not having paid their fee for three consecutive years will be removed from the membership registry. In order to qualify for the special congress fee the yearly fee must be paid two months prior to the main annual meeting.


Types of memberships

There are four categories of memberships:

Active member

Active members are thoracic surgeons and cardiothoracic anaesthesiologists of any country.

Senior member

Every active member at the age of 65 years or the age of retirement will automatically become a senior member. Senior members do not pay the membership fee.

Honorary member

Honorary members are distinguished persons as may be deemed worthy of this honour by the board of the association.

Corresponding member

Corresponding members are thoracic surgeons from other European countries or from countries outside Europe, who have been active in the association and elected as corresponding members by the board.


Company membership