Constitution for the Scandinavian Association for Thoracic Surgery


As approved with amendments at the general assembly

in Copenhagen August 22th 2008




1.       The name of the organization is Scandinavian Association for Thoracic Surgery (SATS).


2.       The overall purpose of the association is the advancement of thoracic surgery in the Scandinavian countries. The association shall hold scientific meetings and support research and education. There are two annual meetings under the auspice of SATS:


  • The main annual SATS meeting in August

  • The annual meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Research in Cardiothoracic Surgery (SSRCTS) in February


3.       The official language of the association is English.


4.       Membership.


          There are 4 categories of memberships: active, honorary, retired and corresponding, and additionally there is a company membership.


          Active members are thoracic surgeons and cardiothoracic anaesthesiologists of any country. Every active member at the age of 65 years or the age of retirement will automatically become a senior member. Senior members do not pay the membership fee. Honorary members are distinguished persons as may be deemed worthy of this honour by the board of the association. Corresponding members are thoracic surgeons from other European countries or from countries outside Europe, who have been active in the association and elected as corresponding members by the board. Candidates for active membership of the association simply apply in writing to the secretary-general, who decides if the application is acceptable. The membership fee is set by the general assembly. Members not having paid their fee for three consecutive years will be removed from the membership registry. In order to qualify for the special congress fee the yearly fee must be paid two months prior to the main annual meeting.


5.       The board of the association consists of two members from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and one from Iceland. One member from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are appointed by the national societies and one elected by the general assembly. The Icelandic member is appointed by the national society. Board members are elected for 3 years and can be re-elected twice. The secretary-general is an additional member of the board and is its chairman. The secretary-general is elected at the general assembly for 3 years. He can be re-elected once for a period of 3 years. The president of SSRCTS is elected by the board of SATS for 3 years and can be re-elected. He also is a full member of the board. The editor of the Scandinavian Cardiovascular is a member of the board, but has no voting rights. The secretary-general takes care of all the activities of the association including the financial. He also appoints representatives for specific tasks within and outside of the association. The nationality of the secretary-general rotates between the Scandinavian countries.


6.       There are 2 annual meetings of the association. The SATS main meeting is normally held in the last half of August and the SSRCTS meeting normally in February. The place of the SATS main meeting rotates between the countries. The city and the meeting place in each country must be accepted by the secretary-general and the general assembly. The general assembly takes place during the annual meeting. The general assembly selects a president for the next main meeting, place and time of the meeting at least two years in advance and suggests main topics for the meeting. The president of the annual main meeting sets up the organization committee in agreement with the secretary-general.


7.       During the annual meeting of the association the annual general assembly takes place. The agenda shall include at least the following items: a report by the secretary-general including members and finances, a report by the president of the annual main meeting, a report by the president of SSRCTS, report by the editor of the Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, future meetings of the association and other items.


8.       The scientific programme of the annual main meeting is made by the scientific committee of SATS. The scientific committee consists of the secretary-general, who is chairman, and one member from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, elected by the general assembly after suggestion from the secretary-general. Suppliants of the same nationality for each scientific member can be chosen by the secretary-general, if needed. Members of the scientific committee are elected for 3 years and can be re-elected twice.


9.       The educational committee shall organize courses for Scandinavian trainees in thoracic surgery. The committee and its chairman shall be appointed by the secretary-general who is also a member of this committee.


10.                 These by-laws may be amended by the general assembly (with 2/3 majority) provided that the amendments have been sent to all members of SATS at least 4 weeks prior to the annual main meeting.